Doodle or Die will be back later!

Short story: we are moving our database back to a faster host!

Long Story:

Despite being hilarious and very addictive, Doodle or Die barely makes enough money to cover our server costs. We run this site out of a love of you--our users--and the amazing things you create. Many thanks to the Super Doodlers who help make this possible! Note: when we do have extra funds, we try to give back to the programming community by donating to charities like CodeNow or sponsoring a rural StartupWeekend.

A couple months ago, Google stopped allowing us to put their ads on the site because we violated their terms and conditions around NSFW content. We have stuff in place to try to prevent this (e.g. our selective bad word censoring, flagging rooms as NSFW, etc.) and it helped us last this long. However going forward, alternative ad networks have proved to bring in less money. Losing this revenue channel quickly put us in the red, and we moved to a cheaper and slower database provider and plan while we could figure things out.

The kind folks at ObjectRocket have offered to give us a discount so we can move to their blazing fast database servers and have Doodle or Die not run at a crawl anymore. So please stand by while we migrate all of our data over there--the wait will be worth it!

In the mean time, to quench your thirst for hilarious doodles check out the photos on our facebook page!

- The Doodle or Die Team