About Chain Breaker High

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Welcome to Chain Breaker High!
Are you a new student? That's so cool!
Are you a boy or a girl?
Wow, really?
Well, since you're new here, here are the rules:
All your doodles must be in Dating Game Format, and all your descriptions must be either player commands or Dating game-like narration or descriptions.
CB High is rated H, so lewdness is okay.
Chainbreaking is discouraged (ironically) but that doesn't mean you can't stretch the connections razor thin ;)
You're encouraged to get familiar with the Chainbreaking 2.0 and CB Classic regulars, as they make up the vast majority of the cast!

Funk - Principal
Fralea - Vice Principal
Applewhite - English, Sex Ed
Grimlock - Paleontology
ABStract - Recess monitor, also a tentacle rape tree
Gentlefood - CompSci
TheTate - Biology, Music
Constantine 'Buzz' Killington - Physics (actually younger than some students)
Ishmael - Geometry, General Math
Wohnogood - Art
Allikas - Gym (really likes squats)
Catbooger - Cat (that's the subject, it's a weird class)
Toast / Tstroyerfosho - History, Debate
Haicat - Chemistry
fufufu - Librarian
Neo - Counselor
Dman - Janitor who gives the wisdom
Ripper - Art and Drama teacher who re-emerged from the woods outside the school.
sn - Psychologist
Nut-Sr. - Combo- Not certified school guidance counselor, Geology professor, and curling coach; Father of Nut-
George - School Nurse
Thriggle - Liaison Officer
VMBee - Cafeteria Guy

Leo - buff jock (gay unlock only)
Canned - rebel, leader of the bad dragons (greaser gang), grandson of vice principal
Woot - chubby student, cake quest, magic cake that makes people fat
MisterDude - the nerd with the spiraly glasses, boob potion for b00bs
ObliviousMicrowave - enforcer for the bad dragons
OldMoose - homeschooled, just arrived at the school
RE - loli kitty
Spiderses - trap, recruiter for art club
Woof.pants - trappier trap
richyorick - model student, teacher's assistant for the CompSci class
seantrunks - creepy kid
Cheeto - bookworm (lesbian unlock only)
Charms - talented art student
sfluff - president of sweater club
namira - vice president of sweater club
land - talented music student that is super buff
Megamaw - A skeleton in a tux with a startling secret!
village's duggle and caspah - the two bros who everyone thinks are gay for each other
zerg - sleepy student, "secretly" spiderman
brandonius - quiet kid, one of the smart ones
Chet - leader of the fingerless glove gang, rivals to the bad dragons
wockapow - enforcer for the fingerless glove gang
golden - student who is always trying to start fights
happy_crapper - president of anime club and baseball team captain
highyway - student who tries to get you into various fandoms
Monodoodlowy - new student who assimilates very well
poopnoddlez - student who will pop out of nowhere
serena - cat-girl who is looking for a senpai to notice her
spacemite - student from public school who is checking this school out
snusblues - prematurely bald student (don't point out the baldness)
wesester - student who spaces out a lot, president of astronomy club
maddie - new student, likes sherlock
rikoo - average high school student on his way to freedom
Tecnotoad - sometimes goes by "Mouse", a New Yorker who immigrated from Brazil, recruiter for the Bad Dragons
Nut- - 6 inches tall with no outstanding qualities. President of SpongeBob fan club, Pokémon fan club, and leads Legumes Anonymous after school on Wednesdays in his dorm room.
CookieCat - student, friends with catbooger
EffingFox - transfer student from Furé Prepatory School
Das and Daz - twin brothers, students and son of the Paleontology teacher
mewmew - new student, on the soccer team,
thor - recruiter for the fingerless gloves
peach - the required kawaii member for the fingerless gloves
phantom - the cute tiny animal student
Steeve - the jokester student
Rick - Richy's younger brother, friends with Steeve
Paxman - Transfer student from Tyson High School


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