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Treetown is a TV series that debuted in 1997. It is about the home of the playful Treetownies. Tansy (played by Kathleen Le Roux), Rosabelle (played by Denise Oliver (née Shaw), and the Treetown toys invite viewers to play, sing, explore, and imagine with them and their puppet pals, Cush a purple dog-like-creature, Osbert Plunky, Ruby Rae Crow, Stu the Dumptruck and more of your Treetown friends. Treetown aired on Treehouse TV in the graveyard timeslot until February 27, 2011, and episodes were made until 2001.

Occosnailily epsiodes of Treetown would be aire in the graveyard time slot in late 2018 airing as a slot filler along with another Treehouse TV original show, Crazy Quilt a show centered around making arts and crafts and story telling with the shows's host Maggie(played by Mimi Mekler) and her co-host, Jackson a raccoon puppet.

Treetown is known to be no longer airing its reruns on Treehouse TV since it's last airing sometime in late 2018. Sadly, Treetown will not return to the new/current Treehouse TV anymore since it's reruns have stopped like all the other old series (except very old ones).

Rumors have been circulating online that in March 2019, Treehouse TV announced the big return of Treetown with a brand new look and new set along with new characters to be named later and it will air on Treehouse TV beginning November 1st, 2019 (the upcoming day of the channel's 22nd anniversary). Tansy and Rosabelle are for sure to return for the Treetown reboot, but some of the other characters may not lack their appearances.

However, these rumors are not true since Tansy and Rosebelle never returned to Treetown, and a reboot never actually came into existence.

But still in the end this show has brought endless hours of entertainment for years to it's viewers and a strange feeling of nostalgia to older viewers who had watched.

R.I.P Treetown and the former Treetowns who brought just songs, entertainment and laughter on a daily basis.


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