About Chain Breaking: Apocalypse

Draw zombies and survivors.

◘ Rules
◘ Roster
◘ Lore

<Room Rules>
◘ Ironically, chain breaking is not allowed.
◘ Gore and NSFW content(s) are allowed.
◘ Report anyone who is not following these rules.

<Game Rules>
[General rule]
◘ Keep in mind that CB:A is set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction setting.

[Characters Creation]
◘ Submit a character sheet doodle with at least these following information: Name, race, class & faction.
◘ You can only have up to 3 (un)living OCs at a time.
◘ You can created an unlimited amount of NPC characters.

◘ There are 2 available races by default: Survivor & Zombie.
◘ Both races can come in different types.

◘ There are 2 factions available by default: Team Ruby & Team Wolf.
◘ Factionless survivors are registered as Freelancers.
◘ All Zombies are members of the zombie faction by default.
◘ Zombies can side with Team Ruby.
◘ Switching sides is permitted.

[Death & Resurrection]
◘ Survivors and zombies who have died are out of the game.
◘ Survivors who got infected before they died can come back as zombies.
◘ Dead survivors can be recovered and converted into cyborgs.
◘ Destroying the brain results in a permanent death.

Who are Team Ruby? They're a zombie research corporation.
Symbol: Diamond shape with red and white patterns.
Slogan: "Building humanity's future."
• Study the zombie condition.
• Employ or enslave zombies.
• Develop bioweapons.

☺ St (SeanTrunks) [zombie] [bioweapon] [John Doe's thrall]
☺ Oswald Roststen (Qazhax)
☺ Micro (ObliviousMicrowave)
☺ Nolyk
☻ Mrs. Ruby (Zemma) [Boss] [NPC]
☺ Radical [former freelancer]
☺ John Doe (ChetFellDark) [St's master]
☠ 137 (zemma) [robot] [???] (got grind up alive http://doodleordie.com/c/XC_tGLOF7#4 )
☺ Jeremiah (MrBuzzKill)
☺ Namira (namirapolka)
☺ Colonel Arthur Van Allan III (Haicat) [mutant?] [unofficial member]
☻ Colonel Arthur Van Allan III's zombie thralls (Haicat) [NPC] [zombie] [group]
☻ Ruby soldiers [NPC] [Group]
☺ Zemma TB (Zemma) [zombie] [mutant] [animal] [rabbit] [psionic]
☺ Eve (Mooski)

◘ Ruby HQ [base]
◘ Colonel Arthur Van Allan III's plantation (Haicat) [farm]

Who are Team Wolf? The zombie extermination army.
Symbol: Red eyed gray wolf head.
Slogan: "Purging the disease."
• Eradicate all zombies.
• Discover the cure for zombification.
• Recover & employ old world technology.

☠ Bast (Zemma) [robot] [???] ( pierced through stomach http://doodleordie.com/c/1Hck3e37e#2 )
☺ James (ObliviousMicrowave)
☠ Nursecat (Lisadraws) [mutant] [feline] [(Accidental?) suicide via headshot] [http://doodleordie.com/c/XHgKJN3wd#6]
☺ [REDACTED] (SwiggitySwootyComingForTheBooty)
☺ Stormrider (SeanTrunks)
☺ Lyn (ChetFellDark) [cyborg]
☺ M.O.D. (tstroyerfosho) [robot]
☻ Watch "dogs" (tstroyerfosho) [NPC] [group] [animal] [canine] [casualty: 1+]
☺ Ryker (TheTate)
☺ Ghosty (ghostypanties) [psionic?]
☺ Defect (nintendogs) [Robot]
☻ Wolf Soldiers (SeanTrunks) [NPC] [group]
☺ Thribble (Thriggle) [cyborg]
☻ The Wolves (Thribble) [NPC] [group] [robot]
☻ Mr. Wolf (Zemma) [NPC] [Boss]
☺ Dragon (DragonLabel) [NPC]
☺ Mika (DragonLabel) [Mutant] [vampiric] [NPC]
☺ Mono (Monodoodlowy) [former freelancer]
☺ Critical (Radical)
☺ Tea (Teamow)
☺ Anastenagmo (wwwayfarer) [mutant] [feline]

◘ Bunker Outpost [base]
◘ Team Wolf HQ [base]

Who are the Freelancers? Everyone else who aren't the first 2 factions.
☺ Janelle (LandofDoom)
☺ Scavenge (Rrikoo) [psionic]
☺ F.O.E. (ChetFellDark)
☺ Das (Grimlock08) [mercenary]
☣ Serena (SerenaShizue) [mutant] [feline] [psionic] [infected?] [zombie?]
☣ Cecilia (xinyl) [infected by Henry via bite]
☺ Brandonius
☻ The Rogues [NPC] [group] [bandits/raiders]
☺ H (Haicat) [mutant] [feline]
☺ 757 (Gentlefood) [mutant] [canine?] [cyborg]
☺ VCR (ghostypanties) [Robot] [cyborg?]
☺ "???" (Azumikkel) [mutant] [alien?]
☺ "Maria/Mary/Mayuka" (David.Whites.7)
☠ Elina (psychoCream) [killed by Scavenge via psionic attack] [http://doodleordie.com/c/I2caz1P0J#9]
☺ Tanit (Akavirius)
☻ Zombie Slayers (Tanit) [NPC] [group]
☺ Trevs (Trevses) [mutant]
☺ Jynx (Trevses) [mutant?] [psionic]
☺ Olive (Olivec5) [mutant] [half-feline]
☺ Star (PKstarluv) [mutant] [leporine] [half-feline?]
☺ Mira (Psychocream)
☺ PsychoLiquorice (Psychocream) [cyborg] [psionic]
☺ Rotaken [cyborg]
☺ Sniffles (Rotaken) [cyborg] [rat]
☺ ??? (MrBuzzKill) [mutant] [bioweapon?]
☺ M-1 (Mooski) [cyborg]
☺ Usagi 366 (Zemma) [ex-test subject]
☺ wwwayfarer (wwwayfarer) [mutant] [bird hybrid]

◘ Desolation [city]
◘ Abandoned weather station (H) [home]
◘ F.O.E's workshop (F.O.E.) [home]
◘ Unknown City Ruins (757) [home]
◘ Museum (Akavirius) [Looted by Tanit & her group]
◘ Mira's room (Mira) [home] [stuck]

• Eat survivors.
• Infect survivors.
• Mutate adaptations.

☻ Zombies [NPC] [group]
☠ Zemma [mutant] [feline?] [killed by 137 via headshot] [http://doodleordie.com/c/I2ljx5Ytm#2]
☺ Cotton Woman (Lisadraws) [robot]
☺ Serial (SerialDoodler2)
☺ Hunt (Rrikoo)
☺ Peggy (tx266) [bioweapon]
☺ Rainbow (RainbowExplosion) [mutant] [vulpine] [cyborg]
☺ Henry (xinyl) [mutant] [serpentine]
☻ Scavenge's Zombie thralls [Rrikoo] [NPC] [group] [???]
☻ The Raiders (David.Whites.7) [NPC] [group]
☺ N/A (Radical)
☺ "Black Bowed White Girl" (psychoCream) [former survivor]

<Origin of Ruby & Wolf>
Once there was a faction known as Rubywolf. One day they captured a number live zombies specimens and decided to do some experiments on them. Members of the faction debated on what to do with the knowledge gained from the experiments. The debate got heated so much that it escalated into a civil war until Rubywolf finally split into two.

A general term for the rest of the CB:A's population who are not affiliated with either Team Ruby or Team Wolf. Some stay neutral, some are mercenaries, some form groups of their own and others eventually join one of the two factions.

<The Zombie infection>
The zombie plague of CB:A spreads via fluid transfer. This can be done by a number of ways. The most common one is via bite. The infected bodily fluid must enter the body via the orifices or an open wound in order for it to take effect. Unlike most zombie infections from other works of fiction, CB:A's zombification only begins to manifest itself once the infected host dies. Once the zombification process is complete the zombie begins to hunt for prey. If the zombie survives and thrives long enough then it will begin to develop mutations making the flesh eater more dangerous.


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